Gobo Zoom Operation Instructions

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1. The Gobo Zoom's are indoor use only. Do not expose to water or moisture of any kind. Do not place drinks or other containers with moisture on or near the fixture. If moisture does get in or on the fixture, immediately unplug it from the power outlet. The gobo zoom does get a little warm - do not let anything block or cover the fixture.

2. Plug the Gobo Zoom in using the provided power cable.

3. If the projected image is blurry, you can adjust the focus with the two knobs located on the top of the unit.

focus the chauvet gobo zoom 2.0

4. The only 2 options are: rotating or not rotating. To change this setting, use the dip switches located on the back of the unit. To move the dip switches, you can use a pen, paperclip, or carefully with your fingers. Turn dip switch "1" to "On" for a slow rotation. Turn on both "1" and "4" for a static image.

rotating the gobo - chauvet gobo zoom 2.0

static gobo - chauvet gobo zoom 2.0

If you need further assistance, please email [email protected] or send a message