Black Light Rental

Rent blacks lights for any party!

Your guests will glow in the dark with our super powerful DJ quality ultraviolet (UV) LED blacklights. They are very easy to set-up. Just plug them in and you're ready to go. Make sure your area is really dark, these lights work the best when they are the only light source. All of our uv/black lights are newer LED fixtures so the bulbs don't get hot, are safe to use, and can stay on for your whole party.

See Our Top Rented Black Lights

15 foot power cords are included with each light, and you can plug one into the next (link them together) so you won't need any extension cables.

DJs! If you're looking to light your dance floor then 4-8 of any of the lights listed below will cover it (depending on how big the dance floor is and how much ultraviolet light you want to blast on your party crowd).

Lighting a school gym or very large room? You're looking at 24-36 black lights.

Black lights available for rent:

Black Light

Perfect for creating a glow in the dark effect! Easy to use LED ultra violet (UV) black lights.


Slimpar Hex 3 IRC

Get lots more color options with these RGBAW+UV lights. 63 colors to choose from + black light!


Premium Black Light Chauvet EVE P-150 UV

The most powerful, brightest, and party inducing black lights we've found!


Confetti Launcher with Glow In The Dark Confetti

Glow In The Dark Confetti (+$0)


How renting black lights work

1. Select one of the 2 different black lights listed above. Then click "rent now" on the following page. You'll get a pop-up if you haven't started a quote yet which will ask you for the date of your party as well as how many you want to rent. This will check our inventory system and make sure we have them available. If the black lights are available, a quote will be created for you. From your quote, you can add other types of party lights you might want to rent, or just click the "Make your reservation" button to continue.

2. Fill out the Rental Agreement and pay the deposit. The deposit amount depends on which black lights you select to rent. It will tell you the deposit amount in the Payment Schedule section of the quote, and also on the Rental Agreement.

3. Black lights are guaranteed to arrive at least 2 days prior to your party date. The shipping is free!

4. Set them up at your party. Ideally they look best when they are hanging from lighting stands. If you don't have anything like that, then you can just set them on a table or even on the floor using the brackets which are provided. If you put them on a floor, point them up and set them against a wall for a cool and easy "up lighting" effect.

5. Make sure you save all the boxes and packaging. After your party, pack everything back up into the original boxes. There will be a pre-paid UPS return label in the box. Put the return label on the box, tape it up, and drop it off at a UPS store. Make sure you drop everything off before the due date so you don't get charged any late fees.


Black light party ideas

Black lights can be a great effect for birthday party decorations, a dance club, quinceanera, school dance, or any event with a dance floor. They are especially popular around Halloween, be sure to put your reservation in early to guarantee availability. If you need any other products to turn up your party like marquee letters, confetti cannons or wireless lights visit their respective pages for more information!