Wedding Projector Rental

Get your name in lights with a customized monogram, or show off a collection of photos at your wedding reception using an image and video projector!

How it works

Rent a Projector

Step 1 is to rent a projector. You'll want to reserve early! At minimum 1 month advance notice before your wedding day is needed for customized lighting. The earlier the better!

Projector rental cost: $98

Set Up Options

To make setup stress-free on the wedding day, you'll want to think in advance about how you plan to set the projector up.
The easiest and most affordable option is to simply set the projector on a table. We recommend a higher bar style table since the higher you can get the image on a wall or screen, the better. The idea is to get the image over your guests heads. If a guest is standing right in front of the projector, the image will be blocked (or appear cut off). Ideally, you would rig the projector to hang from the ceiling, but for an average wedding reception venue that's probably not going to be possible.
To help with setup, we have a couple easier solutions:

Rent a standard projector mount + stand - for projection on a wall or screen.

We'll ship you a portable stand which includes a platform to set the projector on. This will help to elevate the image. Its also much more compact than using a table (saves lots of space at crowded receptions!).

Cost to rent a standard projector mount + stand: $79

Rent a tilting projector mount + stand - for projecting on a floor or ceiling

To "tilt" your projection up or down (like for a floor or ceiling), we rent a handy tilting mount which you just stick on top of the stand (very easy). Make sure the projector is strapped in tight! (velcro included)

Cost to rent a tilting projector mount + stand: $99

How to project a custom monogram (gobo effect)

First you'll need a monogram! Do you already have one? Maybe from your wedding invitations? Or maybe you've got some graphic skills and want to design your own? After you have your projector rental reservation, you can just email your finished design. Our projection specialists will pre-load and test your custom design into the projector so all you'll have to do at the wedding is turn it on.

Don't have a monogram created? Your choice of 1 of our templates is included for free with the rental of any projector. After you make a reservation that includes a projector, our website will automatically prompt you for your design selection, as well as ask for what custom text you need added (like your names and wedding date).

Browse the wedding monogram templates

How to project a photo slideshow or video presentation

You can hook up any laptop computer with a video-out connection to the projector. Put together your favorite photos and setup a slideshow in your computer for display at the reception. Video connection cables are NOT included, so please be prepared with the correct cable for your computer.

Shipping and Return

Projector rental is guaranteed to arrive at least 2 days before the wedding day.
Shipping is free.

Equipment will be due back a few days later check availablity to get a complete quote with the due date and complete terms
A pre-paid UPS return label will be included in the box.

Wedding Projector Package Deals

Rent 12 uplights, a projector, and a standard mount + stand

Cost: $379