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These jumbo marquee letters measure 21" tall and are made from thin sturdy sheet metal. The 5-watt Edison style filament glass bulbs give them a warm and inviting amber glow. Each character rents for just $49 including free shipping both ways. Our big marquee numbers and letters are perfect for any occasion. From "Mr and Mrs Events Wedding" to elegant galas, our beautiful marquee lights will accentuate your party and bring a unique flare to your venue.

I DO - Marquee Letters, an image of "I,D,O" in a dim room, with florescent bulbs that are on leaning against the wall

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Enter your event date and characters needed and we'll show you availability and price. You can enter any letter or number. We also offer &, and # characters.

How to Rent Marquee Lights

1. Use the box above to get an instant quote on the letters/numbers/characters you want.

2. Submit your reservation.

3. We'll ship the lights in advance of your event (usually arrives 2+ days early).

4. Plug them in to create your own custom vintage marquee sign at your wedding, party or special event.

5. Repack them into the same boxes and ship them back using the pre-paid return label.

Note: We ship all over the contiguous United States. Whether you're from NYC or Altanta, someplace south like Austin, Texas or on the west coast like Seattle - we'll get our products to you.

Common questions about our Marquee Lights

Please read the following details to ensure a great rental.

How big are the marquee letters?

The marquee lights are each approximately 21" high. The width varies by letter. This size works great for making a bold statement at your event while also allowing for easy shipping and set-up. These giant letters will be the life of your party!

Do the letters hang on the wall?

Yes, there are hooks in the back of each one that can be used for hanging.

Can I stand the letters up on a table or stage?

The lights do not stand on their own, but most can be leaned against a wall or prop. Some letters (like "J") will need to be secured to avoid falling over.

We also offer optional weighted bases that allow the letters to stand up straight anywhere. Please contact us after placing your reservation and we can add them to your order for $10 per letter.

Do you rent special characters?

Right now we offer all letters, all numbers, the ampersand (&), and the hashtag / number sign (#).

What color letters do you have?

All of our letters are a cream/white color with a rustic finish to give them a classic vintage look. We do not have any other color letters available.

Can I rent them for a multi-day event?

We frequently rent marquee letters for conferences and trade shows. Please contact us about extended rentals as we're able to offer discounts for extra days.

What if a bulb breaks or the light won't turn on?

Unfortunately it's not uncommon for bulbs to be damaged in shipping. Don't worry! We ship each order with extra bulbs and fuses so you can quickly troubleshoot any issue. Read our guide to fixing marquee lights for step by step instructions.

Get an Instant Quote

Enter your event date and characters needed and we'll show you availability and price. You can enter any letter or number. We also offer &, and # characters.


Wistia image

Marquee Letters and Numbers for Rent

A (white)
B (white)
C (white)
D (white)
E (white)
F (white)
G (white)
H (white)
I (white)
J (white)
K (white)
L (white)
M (white)
N (white)
O (white)
P (white)
Q (white)
R (white)
S (white)
T (white)
V (white)
W (white)
X (white)
Y (white)
Z (white)
0 (white)
1 (white)
2 (white)
3 (white)
4 (white)
5 (white)
6 (white)
7 (white)
8 (white)
9 (white)
& (white)
# (white)


Get an Instant Quote

Enter your event date and characters needed and we'll show you availability and price. You can enter any letter or number. We also offer &, and # characters.

When should you use Marquee Letters?

Marquee letters are great to help jazz up any event or party. However, knowing when and where to use the right product can be a pain. So, here are some of the happy occasions that our clientele at usually request Marquee letters for:

If you're having any of these events, consider using Marquee renting some Marquee Letters, we guarantee that they will be the life of the party.


Marquee letters are usually made out of metal, but can also be made out of plywood or flat medium density fibreboard (MDF), painted with heat resistant reflective paint (usually white). Inward edges of the letters are usually reflective metal like stainless steel, to help focus the brightness of the light bulbs within the letter.
There are many ways to use Marquee letters at a wedding, most couples usually go for 'groom initial' + 'bride initial' or 'groom initial' & 'bride initial'. Some very interesting ideas can be seen here at
We would advise using plywood, it's more safe to work with, water resistant and generally more durable. When working with MDF, you need a respirator, it has a weak resistance to dampness or water and is as durable as particle board.
Here are some tips when setting up your Marquee letters in your home. Try to focus them on one wall, preferably of darker color so that they stand-out. Ensure that whatever they're leaning on has stable support and the floor has a enough friction so they don't slide out of position. If you have a lot of letters to power, try splitting power sources by using different outlets so that the lights don't all run off one circuit..
Marquee light letters are a type of big wall decor that found prominence in the late 1980s. Whether it's "Do-it-yourself" built out of plywood with light bulbs, or commercially built - they are used for coming of age celebrations, marriage or I-DO ceremonies and school dances.