DIY Wedding Lighting

Wondering if you can "DIY" your upcoming wedding reception lighting? Here's an overview of different types of lighting you can rent to dramatically transform your wedding reception.

Wedding Uplighting and a Gobo DIY


A great starting place for decorative wedding reception lighting is an effect called "Up Lighting". This is the easiest and most affordable way to make a big impact. An Up Lighting effect is created by placing a light on the floor and pointing it up. You can also tilt the lights a little more toward the wall to create more of a "wash" look.

We have a couple different options of LED uplights you can rent. These lights range in rental price from $17 - $24 each. View Up Lights For Rent .

Recommended spacing for uplighting is 1 light per approximately every 6-12 feet. The closer you put the lights, the more of an even wash you will get. Some lighting professionals space them as close as 4 feet apart. The decision of how many to rent really comes down to your budget and what type of effect you want to create. The fun part about doing stuff yourself is that you get to be the designer! You can use as little or as many as you want. (Pro Tip: add 1 or 2 more lights to however many you thing you need. Its always a good idea to have a backup in case there's a problem with one of them, and you can never have too much light anyways!).

Monogram Gobos (and other fun uses of Projectors)

You can use one or two of our Image and Video Projectors to put your names and wedding date in light and project on the wall. You can also use them to project custom patterns, or even a slideshow video . This is slightly more challenging to set-up as you'll have to figure out a way to mount the projector so everyone can see the image. We've made it much easier for you with our Projector Stand . If you want to project a monogram, we've got templates available to choose from (or just email in your own design). More information about custom projection

Pin Spots

Pin Spots are very small, battery-powered lights that you can set anywhere you want to put a more focused light. Commonly used at wedding receptions to light the wedding cake and table centerpieces. These are a subtle, more elegant effect. We ship these with just a clear/white light. To operate them, charge them up in advance, then just switch the power to on and position to direct the light on the area to illuminate. They come with little feet that hold them up so you can just set them on a table next to whatever you are lighting.

If you are renting other items, then we have these available as an add-on rental item for only $10 each! Rent Pin Spots

Bliss Lights

Get a Starry Night effect with a Bliss Light. This is a unique lighting effect that will set a romantic mood for your reception. Video available so you can see the effect here: More about Bliss Lights

Moving Lights

When its time to get the party started, rent a couple of our moving lights to create a fun dance party effect of colored light beams sweeping throughout the room. If you want the lights to sync together, make sure you also rent a DMX Cable . Or make it easier on yourself and just book one of the DJ Party Packs to complete your dance floor lighting.

DIY Reception Uplighting