Confetti Cannon / Launcher Rental

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Confetti Cannon's available for Rent:

Confetti Launcher (Confetti NOT included)

No Confetti Included (-$20)


Confetti Launcher with Colorful Confetti

Multi-Color Confetti (+$0)


Confetti Launcher with Glow In The Dark Confetti

Glow In The Dark Confetti (+$0)


How Renting Works

1. There is only 1 confetti launcher, so your only choice is which confetti option you would like included. Click "rent" on your selection and proceed to follow the instructions to make an online reservation.

2. Fill out the Rental Agreement and pay the deposit. The reservation deposit for the confetti launcher is $40. This is a non-refundable deposit required to hold a confetti cannon for you on the date you request.

3. The confetti and cannon are guaranteed to arrive at least 2 days prior to your event date. The shipping is always free.

4. Set up at your event and blast confetti all over your party crowd!

5. Make sure you save all the boxes and packaging. After your party, pack everything back up into the original boxes. There will be a pre-paid UPS return label in the box. Put the return label on the box, tape it up, and drop it off at a UPS store. Make sure you drop everything off before the due date so you don't get charged any late fees.

Other Related Party Equipment

Confetti cannons are a fantastic surprising way to shower your attendees with a whole lot of fun! At ProlightingRental, we have a number of other products that we provide;
black lights, wireless lights, marquee letters, dj party lights, outdoor lights, custom gobos and much more! Visit their respective pages for more information!


The most common way to use a confetti cannon for a gender reveal is to mix in "blue" confetti if it's boy or "pink" confetti if it's a girl. However, there are custom confetti available that will allow you pack in the words "Boy" or "Girl".
At ProLightingRental, our confetti cannons are safe for only indoor use. It's highly advised that if you're conducting the explosion of a confetti cannon indoors, that the room be spacious. Always refer to your user manual and guide when using any confetti cannon. Overall, never point the confetti cannon at a person, animal or fragile object.
Confetti poppers, party poppers and handheld confetti cannons are usually for party-goers to carry around and fire once, and then subsequently throw away. Real Confetti cannons like the ones we rent at ProLightingRental can easily be reloaded multiple times and are used to drop confetti on entire parties or events.
Most confetti is biodegradable because it is tissue. However, biodegradability depends on other external environmental factors as well. Is your event indoors or outdoors? If it's outdoors, it has a much better chance of breaking down due to weather and foot-traffic. If your event is indoors there's a much higher possibility of having to clean up. If you're truly worried about the environment, you can try to use a biodegradable specific confetti like BioFetti, Solufetti, Sproutfetti or Floralfetti!
Confetti cannon uses a similar concept of a traditional old fashioned 14th century cannon, albeit different triggering mechanism, different propellant and no cannon ball. Whereas 14th century cannons used gunpowder and a spark to propel their projectile forward, normal confetti cannons use a small nitrogen canister with a mechanical or electric trigger. However, at ProLightingRental we use electric confetti cannons that consistently release confetti without the need for a propellant.
It matters on the specific type of confetti cannon that you own and how much pressure is created. Usually confetti cannons use compressed air which allows for the confetti to be "popped" out of the cannon, but our Chauvet "Funetti" model at ProLightingRental does not use cO2 or nitrogen, it is electric. With an electric confetti cannon, there is almost zero sound due to it being cycled through and released in a non-explosive way. Overall, the sound of a non-electric confetti cannon going off is comparable to a popping balloon!