Pinspot 6-Pack

Package of six Chauvet Pin Spot lights! These wireless wonders provide a focused beam of light that's perfect for illuminating centerpieces, floral arrangements, cakes, gift tables, and more!

A versatile magnetic base with special feet allows each light to be positioned where needed. They can even be hung from drop ceilings without any extra tools or connectors.

Note that you will need to charge the batteries prior to use. Red indicators will flash during charging (can take up to 4 hours) and turn green once fully charged. A charging bank and cords are included with rental.

Single pin spot lights can be ordered at a discount HERE if being being ordered with other lights at the same time (uplights, etc.).

Rent for $99.00

Included with this package:

Pin Spot

Pin Spot (quantity of 6 )

Rent for $99.00

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  • 5-day Rental
  • Guaranteed to arrive at least 2 days before your event