Ceiling Projection

Let's say for example that you were planning on projecting a custom monogram onto a wall, but when you show up to your venue on your event date you realize that the wall option is not going to work. This situation happened to one of our rental clients in Florida. He rented 24 uplights, a custom monogram projector, plus a standard projector mount and a stand. His plan was to aim the projection towards a wall inside the ballroom at the Milander Center for the Arts & Entertainment in Hialeah, FL but ran into some issues while setting up with the available space. The only option was the ceiling. This is how he did it: "I used your stand and a 3-inch ring binder. I then used the settings on the lens of projector to complete the angle." Nice way to improvise using what was available to come up with a great solution!

Here's what was rented to get this look:

24 of our Par 56 Lights ($17 each * 24 lights = $408)
Rent 1 Video Projector for $98
Rent 1 Projector Stand with a Standard Mount ($79)
Find a 3-ring binder to set on top of the stand mount (or anything with a slight slant - door stops work great too!)
Adjust the settings on the projector to achieve the desired angle.

We do offer a "Tilting" projector mount that you can rent instead if you don't want to have to mess around with projection angles. You can rent that here:
Tilting projector mount + stand $99

If you need to rent marquee letters / lights or, need uplight rentals - ProlightingRental.com is the place for you.