Event Lighting at Conferences and Meetings

Uplighting can go a long way in helping to create a memorable ambiance at your next big conference! These photos sent in by Pendo.io were taken at their coding event with Modern Web at the Pendomonium event in San Francisco. They rented a total of 30 Par 56 uplights, which let them be able to space pretty closely together (see the photo of the close up on the stage for a fantastic example). Looks like they got a pretty awesome effect!

Get This Look

Rent the Par 56 lights. Rent enough to space approximately 6 feet apart from each other.

Pro Tip

You can plug 1 light into the next which makes setup much easier. As long as they are all "chained" together, then you can hook up to 30 lights to just 1 electrical outlet for easy setup!

Package Deals

Save some money by reserving this package which includes a total of 36 Par 56 uplights.