Uplighting Transforms a Gym

A couple great photos from one of our fantastic "repeat" customers! We love the "before and after" showing how some uplighting can really transform the look of a space. Gyms are notoriously hard to decorate. Super high ceilings, bleachers and a basketball court make them a challenge! 20 of our Par 64 RGBA Uplights worked great to help set the tone for a beautiful event!

While not the cheapest option, our staff lighting designers believe the Par 64 RGBA Uplights are the best value among the uplighting choices for these reasons:

#1 They come in the larger size (par 64) which is going to give off the most light.

#2 The added Amber bulb expands the available color choices to 13, and includes nicer yellows/ambers/warmer whites, etc. There's also a purple pre-set which is very useful. Note: You can tell if the lights you are renting have an amber bulb because of the "A" in the "RGBA" which stands for "Red Green Blue and Amber". Learn more about colors available in LED event lighting

#3 Despite being a little larger than the other options we carry, they still come in a very slim profile that looks great at your event.

#4 They are only $2 more than the cheapest option. So yes, they will cost slightly more to rent but you get a nicer variety of color choices and a brighter light.

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These lights are also available in a battery powered / wireless version.