Using the UV setting on the Hex 3 lights

The Hex 3 fixture is a great choice for party lighting because it offers the most in color choices. This light not only offers an amazing 63 color pre-sets, but also features an ultraviolet light bulb which is what makes for a great black light/glow in the dark effect. The photos below were sent in by a rental customer hosting a glow in the dark themed birthday party in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. She rented a total of just 4 Hex 3 lights. She already had access to a lighting stand T-bar so 4 O Clamps were also rented to use to hang the Hex 3 lights from the T-bar. If you don't have a lighting stand, you can use the Hex 3's built-in floor stands to set them on a table or the floor. Tip: The higher you can get them, the better the effect!

How to get UV/black light from the Hex 3 lights

1) Plug the Hex 3 light in
2) Press "Menu" on the display until you see the letter "C"
3) Press "up" or "down" on the display until you get to number "6"
4) Press "enter" to save your setting.

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