Wedding Lighting that Shows Names

You can have your names and wedding date displayed in light for only $98 with our gobo projector rental.

Rent a projector here: Projector Rental. We can display any JPEG or PNG file you send in with your initials, names, monogram or logo. If you prefer, you can choose from one of our templates.

Uplighting looks great with your wedding monogram gobo too. If you want to add some uplighting our Wedding Lighting Package is a great deal.
The package includes:
12 LED up lights
1 Gobo Projector
Your choice of one of our gobo design templates (just choose the design number you want and we will add your names and date)
1 Stand and Projector Mount to make setup a breeze

If you want to add more up lights to the package, you can just add more ala carte for $17 each.

Or maybe you want wireless (battery operated) uplights instead? Sure, you can rent those here: wireless (battery operated) uplights

Need help? Feel free to email us at [email protected]