BlissLight Bliss Light BL15 Green Starmaze with Blue Clouds

Create an enormous “universe of stars” that will “wow” you! Watch thousands of moving pin-points of green light dance in pattern on a soft blue nebula cloud. Very easy to setup, just plug it in and point it on a wall, ceiling or dance floor. Brightness knob controls the brightness of the blue nebula cloud. Covers about a 25 x 25 foot area.

Rent for $79.00 each

  • Free Shipping Both Ways
  • 5-day Rental
  • Guaranteed to arrive at least 2 days before your event

Tech Specs

Colors: Green Laser with Blue LED
Light Source 15mW
Built-in Colors: Green Laser with Blue LED
Built-in Programs: No
Sound Active Option?: false
Outdoor Use?: No
DMX Channels:
DMX Connectors:
Power Linking: No