Light Stand - 10'

Take your event to the next level with our premium 10' air cushion light stands. These sturdy metal stands can be used with a variety of different lights and at different heights. Add to your order to add an extra level of professionalism to your event.

Please note that the picture above is a sample and may not exactly match the stand you receive since we have different stand variations in stock. However, all of the premium metal light stands will have air cushion and be at least 9.5'.

Rent for $49.00 each

  • Free Shipping Both Ways
  • 5-day Rental
  • Guaranteed to arrive at least 2 days before your event

Package Specials

Premium Black Light Package with Stands $499.00

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Tech Specs

Light Source
Built-in Colors:
Built-in Programs:
Sound Active Option?: false
Outdoor Use?: Yes
DMX Channels:
DMX Connectors:
Power Linking: