Wavinator AquaMax

Great for mood or background lighting! This bright 10W LED is designed to simulate a water flowing effect on walls, ceilings or floors. The available colors are: Blue, White, Yellow, Green, and Magenta (Purple/Pink-ish). You can set it to stay on 1 color or have the light slowly scroll through all colors automatically.

This video shows the fixture set on Blue which gives an ocean or waves effect:


Here's a video of the light fading through all the color options:

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Tech Specs

Colors: 5
Light Source 10W LED
Built-in Colors: Blue, White, Yellow, Green, and Magenta (Purple/Pink-ish)
Built-in Programs: 1
Sound Active Option?: false
Outdoor Use?: No
DMX Channels:
DMX Connectors:
Power Linking: No
Size 8x9x9