How to Fix Rental Marquee Light Up Letters

The marquee light up letters use glass edison bulbs to give them a vintage look. There is a very high probability that some of these glass bulbs will get shattered during shipping to you. There is also the possibility of the fuse blowing when you plug a letter in. If the fuse blows, the letter won't light up at all. No worries though, both of these issues are easy to fix. Extra bulbs and fuses will be included in the box with your rental order.

How to change a broken light bulb

Tools required:

Unscrew the broken light bulb and then screw in a replacement bulb. BE CAREFUL OF BROKEN GLASS! You'll need the needle-nose pliers to remove the light bulb to avoid cutting your fingers.

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How to replace the fuse

The end of the power cable has the fuse hidden inside. Here is a video showing how to access the fuse:
Wistia image

Take the fuse out using a small flathead screwdriver (or tweezers)

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Put a new fuse in and close it back up.

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