8 Best Wedding marquee sign ideas

A marquee enables you to customize your wedding so that it genuinely reflects your personality. You have the opportunity to design your wedding venue and have complete control over the aesthetics, as well as your choice of vendors, all of which will affect the experience your guests will have. 

In contrast, a marquee tent is a genuine blank canvas in contrast to traditional wedding locations, which frequently have their own unique design. 

You have virtually endless amounts of white canvas with different color schemes to experiment with chandeliers, bunting, paper lanterns, pom poms, and DIY decoration whatever you choose for marquee reception. This is a really thrilling opportunity but also one that is intimidating, since the wedding ideas are technically endless.

Marquee lights and letters encapsulate all the qualities of a traditional marquee wedding, but in product form. Marquee letters / lights allow wedding planners and party goers to perfect DIY wedding signs, that can function as photo backdrops or center pieces. 

The purpose of this article is to give you some wedding decor ideas when planning your wedding, and how marquee letters can be the focal points of your special day.

Where to start with Marquee letters

Ultimately, there are a lot of practical planning factors to take into account, starting with the site, whether it's on your own property or a space that you've rented a set of marquee letters, and continuing with all the extras you'll need, like power, water, waste facilities, and more restrooms. I simply can't emphasize enough how crucial it is to consider all the practical considerations before focusing on the wedding theme, appearance and feel. You can save a ton of time and avoid the problems that come with arranging your marquee wedding by hiring a skilled wedding planner to assist you.

What Justifies the Selection of Marquee signs anyway

Large, gigantic light-up marquee letters are one of the most popular party decorations right now. A wide selection of life-size, illuminated characters, numerals, and symbols may make your real wedding day incredibly unique.

For your themed wedding site, you may arrange the light-up letters anywhere you choose, such as at the door, within the dining area, next to the wedding cake, or in the pre-drinks or bar portion. However, they may also be easily relocated from one spot to another throughout your wedding ceremony. These illuminated marquee letters will glow at your wedding or engagement party for the following reasons.

  • There is no more effective method to declare your love to the world than to do so in beautiful letters. 
  • The letters might illuminate the initials or names of you and your lover.
  • There is no sweeter way to reveal your new titles than with the prettiest letters from Mr. and Mrs., showcasing your love.
  • You may combine them with anything to make your special day shine.
  • Carnival or antique lights with marquee text are further options.

You'll be so enamored with the illuminated marquee lettering that you'll be perplexed how something so basic could be a fashionable touch to your special event. Because important events in life should be commemorated, even in little ways- these lovely but uncomplicated letters will enable that to happen and add a WOW FACTOR.

Lacking inspiration on what to do with your lovely marquee?

Here are eight of the greatest and most well-liked methods for adorning a country wedding tent for the ceremony and the reception: 

1. Put these up in the Venue

If you want to add a really unique touch to your wedding décor, a personalized gobo is one of the greatest wedding lighting ideas. An empty wall or your dance floor may be used to display your initials, your wedding date, or a sentimental phrase like "Love Never Fails."

Every marquee needs to have captivating lighting that transforms the area when dusk falls. Festoon lighting is especially recommended since it is simple to handle and may be used to create a magnificent canopy impression or be intertwined around the wooden tent beams for a fairytale appearance.

In addition to enhancing the lit ambiance, carnival LOVE or MR & MRS letters and LED birdcage lanterns placed around the marquee or dancefloor will make lovely backdrops for wedding photos.

A pink floral arrangement in the shape of a globe is seen through long, exquisite drapes that are knotted halfway down. A gentle glow is produced by layering gauzy curtains over fairy lights, which is ideal for the fairytale theme of this wedding.

2. As accents in your dining area or after-hours bar:

Free drinks at weddings are a wedding staple. Of course, they all do. Display the big lettering at the front, by the after-hours dessert table or even in-front of the open bar. 

Additionally, you may incorporate beautiful elements into the letter designs, such as handcrafted origami, flowers, and custom chalkboard signs. Set up the light-up letters as a backdrop for your dinner party to entice your guests with a romantic atmosphere and an exquisite, traditional look.

Declare emphatically to everyone that you've discovered the one with the enormous marquee love letters. Your visitors won't be able to help themselves from taking a few pictures in front of this striking backdrop.

3. Set the bride and groom's table as your focal point

This striking lighting choice is excellent if you want to add a lot of personality to your wedding planning. You may post your last name on the neon sign or place a funny saying on display behind your wedding table for a quick photo backdrop.

On your way to supper, don't forget to bring the gorgeous decorations. For a stunning and distinctive installation, incorporate heart-shaped marquee lights into your love table. Your pictures will be nothing less than magical once you've put this beautiful construction together.

Put a Love sign on top as you send your visitors goodbye with the sweetest collection of bushes and flowers housed in lovely vintage bottles. You can check at least one thing off your big day to-do list with this simple and attractive décor hack.


4. As a proposal

Huge marquee letters may make a big impression if you're picturing a dreamy outdoor or seaside wedding. On the expansive, sandy sands of your favorite beach, these mind-blowing lights appear stunning, especially at sunset when the people have dispersed, and all that is left to hear is the gentle lapping of the waves.

Oversized letters are likely to startle her the instant she sees them, whether you want to put your initials or "marry me?" to start your proposal.

Placing these marquee letters under a curtain is another fantastic use for them. Pull back the curtain at the appropriate time to display these lovely marquee letters.

5. On the dance floor

Start the celebration off right with appropriate dance floor lighting. Either a stationary spotlight or a rotating spot will make featured dances, like the tender first wedding dance, stand out.

The first dance is one of our favorite aspects of weddings. Since music has such a strong emotional impact, the pair is listening to a song that they both enjoy and brings back happy memories of their relationship while they stare passionately into each other's eyes. Create a starlit dancefloor that gives the impression that one is dancing under the stars, as well as Light Up Letters, like Mr. and Mrs., Let's Dance, etc., to further enhance this occasion.

6. To guide your wedding guests to the right reception

Hanging a massive marquee lighting background for your guests to check as they reach the reception space is unquestionably the way to go. This is especially important if there are multiple weddings at your venue. The perfect, unique wedding welcome sign is those Marquee letters hung up in an area like the image above. Whether you’re having a rustic wedding, or a modern one in downtown NYC, it’s easy to accentuate those marquee letters to suit your needs. 

This stunning marquee light is the stuff of boho wedding fantasies. Regardless of whether you decide to use the arrows and initials to guide your guests, this sign is an absolute need for an outdoor wedding.

A wooden board with lovely marquee lights all around it would look lovely for everything from welcome signage to menus or even wedding seat maps. It has just the perfect amount of rustic appeal to complete the bohemian look.

7. To announce the surname you'll be using

Love your new surname, are you? Are you happy to work in pairs? Put your last name in the spotlight on your special day!

Light-up letters will unquestionably electrify your wedding decor because they are bigger, brighter, and unavoidably noticeable. Beside the guest book usually works best! Your visitors will definitely notice these ultra-hip wedding signs, so flaunt your new name or initials, proudly show your wedding hashtag, or simply have fun with neon.

Keep it chic and understated; a neon heart surrounded by lush flora, garlands, and some acrylic greenery linings will speak volumes.


8. For your guest's photo op

Nothing like a plethora of shimmering lights to make a location seem ultra amazing, so it's no wonder that too many couples are including marquee lights throughout their wedding decor ideas these days. It's, after all, the ideal approach to show off your brand-new initials or make one of the most beautiful wedding backgrounds ever.

Hanging a massive marquee lighting background is definitely the way to go if you magically locate a wedding site that is as gorgeous as you ever dreamed. For real prettiness and a significant wow effect at the entryway, you can add a variety of fabric drapes.

Light Up Letters such as SMILE, LOVE, LAUGH, FOREVER, HEART, etc., look great at a wedding reception, in the hallway or even with a photo booth. 



Although there are amusing tiny wedding trends, light-up letters are one of the elegant décor ideas. The aforementioned techniques may be used with other fittings; they look great sitting on the side of the dance floor or cake table and create an exquisite statement everyone will want to snap photographs with.

An outdoor wedding with light-up lettering creates a lively, new atmosphere. You may begin your happily ever after with light-up letters that express your love for your partner, for instance, if your wedding takes place in an outside garden area and you decide to install them beneath the stars. This will seem beautiful to everyone, but particularly to you.

You won't need much decorating if you have the light-up letters since they are quiet enough to light up the evening and the following years. So, be prepared to install such exquisite aesthetics in your garden wedding location as decorative centerpieces.

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You can totally use Marquee letters for a bridal shower. Note, that having your own DIY marquee letters or lights, or renting them - are totally acceptable for a bridal shower. Having content letters like “#Soon to be Married” or “#Expecting Wife” are common hashtags and letter arrangements.

While you can use marquee letters / lights at a destination wedding, it may be difficult to find a vendor who can provide you with quality lights, or even carry the lights with you.