Let us light your event - for FREE!

We need to get some awesome photos and videos to show off our lighting rentals. Our warehouse isn't really a great looking space to take pictures, so we're hoping to find a few volunteers to let us borrow your party space. In exchange, you'll get totally free lighting!

We are looking to showcase uplighting options, projection, marquee letters, pin spots, bliss lights, dj party lights, and black lights (for a glow in the dark theme). Not all at once! :) In your application message below, tell us what options are interesting for you and we'll design complimentary lighting to fit your theme and event type.

4-5 events in 2017 will be selected. We're hoping for a few weddings, maybe a sweet 16/graduation party/quincenera/etc, and a business event (or fundraiser) of some sort.

Please apply below if you agree to the following conditions:

1) You will let us completly design the lighting. We'll absoluletly take some input from you (colors, personalization, etc), but we need total creative freedom to do our thing.

2) Your event is at night, there is no major huge windows in your venue, and you are okay with it being dark in the room. Not so dark people can't see, but dark enough so lighting looks cool.

3) We will be the only provider of lighting. We don't want to fight with your venue, DJ, florist, etc about setting up our lights around theirs.

4) You agree to let us take as many photos and videos as we want and use those for advertising and marketing purposes. We will supply our own photographer. We promise to not interfere with your hired event photographer. Please confirm this will be fine with your hired photographer - check your photography/videography contracts.

Application Instructions

In the message box below please include the following:

Event Date

Event Type

Your name, and your business/organization name (if applicable)

Location of event (name and complete address)

Start time of your event

Earliest possible time we can arrive for setup

Any comments, ideas, information on the decor or theme, etc.

Apply for totally free event lighting!

Send a message to a rental agent

If you don't already have a booked reservation, please add the date of your event and location so our rental agents can better assist you.