Black Light Operation Instructions

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1. Black lights are indoor use only. Do not expose to water or moisture of any kind. Do not place drinks or other containers with moisture on or near the black lights. If moisture does get in or on the black light, immediately unplug it from the power outlet.

2. Plug the black lights in using the provided power cable.

3. Using the digital display located on the back of the unit, press Menu to access the menu system. Press UP or DOWN to go through the possible modes.

UL- : Dimming
FLAS : Strobe
FAdE : Fade
SouF : Sound actived

If you have any problems, you can also use the LEd mode to make sure the LEDs are turned on.

4. Press ENTER to select the currently displayed mode.

5. Use the UP or DOWN buttons to set the value for the mode. The values for the Dimming, Strobe and Fade modes adjust the speed of the effect.

6. Press ENTER to set the speed for your selected mode.

Master/Slave Mode

You can use DMX Cables to change the settings of all of the lights at one time. The first light is assumed to be in Master mode and all connected lights need to be set as Slaves. To set a black light to slave mode, select SLAU on the digital display menu. DMX cables are not included but can be rented seperately.

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