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Perfect for creating a glow in the dark effect! Easy to use LED ultra violet (UV) black lights.

Perfect for creating a glow in the dark effect!

These LED ultra violet (UV) black lights are very easy to setup and use. Built-in dimming, fade and strobe modes accessible through the digital display. Includes pass-through power (you can hook 1 light up to the next), and 15ft power cables come with them. Each light uses a maximum of only 12 watts. Black lights are INDOOR USE ONLY.

You'll want to space each black light approximately 6-12 feet apart from each other to cover the area you want to illuminate (or 1-2 lights per every 100 square feet).

The black lights come with brackets so you can hang them from trussing or light stands (not included). You can also just set them on a table or even on the floor using the brackets as floor stands. You'll get the best effect if you can hang them.

Read the operating instructions to learn about the available modes: UV Black Light Use Instructions

  • Glow in the dark (ultraviolet light) effect
  • 15 foot power cable is included
  • Space each fixture about 6-12 feet apart from one another
  • Indoor Use Only

Availability is limited. Please reserve early to guarantee Black Lights are available for your party.

Colors: UV
Light source: 144 10mm ultraviolet black light LEDs
Illuminance 315 lux at 1m, 41 lux at 3m, 13.8 lux at 5m, 7.6 lux at 7m
Built-in colors:
Built-in programs: Dimmer, Strobe, Sound Activated
Sound Active Option? true
Outdoor Use? No
DMX Channels: 1,2,3 or 6 channel modes
DMX Connectors:
Power linking: yes
Size 7.36"x7.36"x3"

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