Mini Mover Setup Instructions

The mini movers can be set-up in automatic mode, which runs your choice of either a fast or slow program, a sound-active mode (moves to the beat of music), or controlled through DMX lighting controllers. They can be used by themselves, or synced up to each other using DMX cables. If you rented one of the DJ party lighting packages then 15' DMX cables are included.

Do not carry or move the Mini Mover by its swivel head, always handle from the base.
The Mini Movers are for indoor use only. Rain or moisture will damage them.

1. Plug them in using the provided 15' power cable. The Mini Movers can't be chained together like many of the other lights available for rent. These all need to be plugged in separately. If you rented more than 2, you'll probably want to remember to bring along a power strip.

2. Give the lights a couple seconds to fully power-up.

3. Next you'll choose the operating mode...

Automatic Mode

Press MODE a few times until you see AUTO come up on the screen. You have the option of a fast automatic program, or a slower one. To switch between, press "ENTER" Then "UP" or "DOWN" to change between fast or slow. Press "ENTER" again to make your selection.

Sound Active Mode

Press MODE a few times until you see SOUN come up on the screen. Press "ENTER" to set it to sound/music active. If you want to make sure they are working and no loud music is playing in the room, just clap your hands. The lights should react to your clap.

Syncing 2 or more together (Master/Slave mode)

While the Mini Movers are turned off, plug a DMX cable from the output of the first light, into the input of the second light. Repeat that process for any additional lights. Once everything is hooked up, plug all the lights back in and they should auto-detect each other. You now have the same options as above of selecting Automatic or Sound Active mode. The nice thing is, you only need to set the first light (known as the master), all of the other mini movers hooked up to it (the slaves) should automatically work together. You can hook up to 16 Mini Movers together

Full control through DMX

If you want to use them with a DMX controller, here are the channels and settings: DMX Settings. does not provide any technical support for DMX features, however they are available if you are familiar with lighting controllers.

Chris sets up a couple Mini Movers in the video below. If you want to skip forward, he sets them up starting at 2:47.