Glow in the Dark Birthday Party

Dad throws awesome glow in the dark birthday party for his son using our rental UV/black lights!

What's cool about this handy dad's setup, is as you can see if you look closely in the photo, the black lights are hanging up high but there is no trussing or light stands to be seen! We reached out and asked him how he hung the lights and this is what he said:

"I grabbed some screws and washers & attached each light to a 2 foot long piece of 1"x4" wood. I then removed a ceiling tile and put the light up so that the wood was sitting on top of the ceiling tile cross bars on a slight angle so that it was resting on top of 2 of the cross bars...kind of in the corner of the ceiling tile space. I then laid the tile back in to place resting on top of the wood which applied enough pressure that the fixture didn't really move at all. I then ran extension cords through the ceiling tile space so no wires were exposed for the kids to have an accident with. (I'm a former alarm system installer!) I used black light reactive balloons and reactive confetti that I sprinkled all over the floor for an added effect. In looked amazing from all angles. The room that we rented was about 30' x 16' and the 4 lights were plenty enough. I had borrowed a sound system from a friend and well-ah!! It turned out to be a pretty incredible party that our guests will hopefully never forget!!"

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Rent 1 black light for approximately every 100-200 square feet you want to light If you need to rent marquee letters / lights or, need uplight rentals - is the place for you.