Brightest Uplight Available For Rent

All of our LED par cans for rent in the uplighting category have been used to create beautiful lighting effects at events and weddings. The team at is made up of Lighting Designers and professional event DJs, and we don't rent anything we wouldn't personally use ourselves at our events. That said, which light is the brightest?

Par cans come in 3 sizes: Par 38, 56, and 64. We don't rent any of the 38's. 38s just aren't quite bright enough. The 56 does an amazing job. If we could only rent one fixture, the 56 would be the winner. But if you really want to splurge for the biggest and brightest, then the Par 64 is the size you want to go with.

Available for rent in the size Par 64 is the Par 64 RGBA. This newer model is not only brighter but it also adds an Amber bulb (so these lights are "RGBA"). This means more color options!

Winner = Slim Par 64 RGBA

We don't have that many of the Par 64 size fixtures available for rent, so if you want the biggest and brightest uplights for your upcoming event, you'll want to get your reservation in early!