Indoor LED Lighting

LED par cans are a very useful and versatile light fixture. They work great for:
- Uplighting
- Wall Washing
- Stage Lighting
- Dance Floor Lighting

You can set them up on the floor using the provided floor stands, or hang them from trussing or light stands. If you want to hang them, clamps are available to rent for an extra cost.

All lighting fixtures offer a built-in digital display for setting colors and basic patterns.

Which light is the brightest?
Deciding between the Chauvet Slimpar 56 and the Hex 3?

Slim Par 56 [white case]
Rent for $17.00
Slimpar Hex 3 IRC
Rent for $24.00
Slimpar 64 RGBA
Rent for $19.00
Wireless Par 64 RGBA
Rent for $29.00
Slim Par 56
Rent for $17.00
Rent for $57.00
Wireless EZPar 56
Rent for $26.00