Using a T-Bar to Hang Lighting

A T-bar light stand is a great way to hang lighting fixtures. We do offer T-Bar Light Stands for rent, or any light stand you may already have will work. This photo shows a T-Bar light stand with 4 of our rental Black Lights + 1 Revo Dance Effect Light.

Here's what our client had to say:
"I had a dance/birthday party for my seven-year-old boy girl twins. We invited over 80 people. Everyone had a great time. I own DJ speakers but no lights and that's how I came across your website. Thanks for the smooth rental!"

Get This Look

Rent 1 black light for approximately every 100-200 square feet you want to light
Rent 1 or 2 Dance Party Effect Lights (like the Revo in this photo) or any of our dance party effect lights
Rent 1 light stand for every 4 black lights you want to hang