Here's 5 tips to set-up a rocking black light party.

Glow in the dark parties are the best way to turn your next event into something you’re guests won’t soon forget. They’re fun, affordable, and easy to design your own personalized lighting experience.

Our company has rented thousands of affordable black lights over the last five years for a variety of different events across the US. Birthday parties, school dances, yoga nights, New Year’s Eve bashes - we’ve done it all.

Follow our Do It Yourself guide for throwing an amazing glow experience.

The Steps for setting up your perfect glow in the dark party:

Step 1: The Venue

Picture of a wedding hall set up for a glow in the dark party for one of our clients sweet 16

First, consider the location of the event. Halls, gymnasiums, basements, and backyards can all be used but have different criteria when setting up a space.

Needless to say: the bigger the space - the more UV lights you'll need. Likewise, you'll want a space that won't have any daylight shining in as it will counteract the effects of the black lights.

Step 2: The Lights

Image of a black light with a blue lense and is all black built for hanging from the ceiling

Next, the most essential factor is the lighting. The quantity and types of lights you choose will set the tone of the party. Whatever your event is; kid’s parties, musical events, and bashes all have different considerations. When picking the right light, for the right experience consider the following:

All of our lights can be operated without any prior experience. Just plug them in and they turn on. With simple interfaces on the back of the lights, you can change: brightness, static and programmed fades, and flash sequences.

The standard black lights each come with a 15ft cord, but can also be power linked if you need to extend the reach of your lights. This means you only need one outlet and the remaining lights can be plugged into the prior light in the chain.

Standard black lights are typically placed on the floor angled into the room with the attached kickstands. They can also be placed somewhere elevated for a more full effect.Since our lights are LED, they stay cool and can be run for as long as you’d like.

The Premium black lights are also safe, but they tend to get warm. We highly recommend renting them with stands. If you’ve got a lighting professional on staff - the Premium lights are also DMX compatible so they can be controlled from a light board. This is NOT necessary though (most of our customers just plug them, pick a setting, and leave them alone for the event).

Step 3: Music

A crowd of older people dancing in the middle of the dance floor in the middle of a wedding reception. Beautiful white drapes fall from the ceiling

Again for the tone of your event, consider the music you will be playing and how you will be broadcasting it. For smaller venues, you can run things using your phone and a Bluetooth speaker. For larger events you'll want to consider hiring a DJ to party the night away.

All of our lights have simple pre-programmed settings that can fade and flash to the beat of the music. This allows the lights to sync to the music which can really change the dynamics of your event.

Step 4: Confetti (The Wow Factor)

A confetti cannon shooting multi-colored confetti into the air

Our most popular rental add-on is our simple to use confetti launcher with glow in the dark confetti (which really pops under a black light). Make the night something your guests will never forget. Guests of all ages go crazy when confetti sprays during a song or is coordinated with a big announcement.

Our professional grade confetti launcher is simple to operate, safe for indoor use, and shoots confetti up to 30 ft for up to 25 seconds on a single blast. Each rental with glow in the dark confetti includes enough for two full shots.

Step 5: Decorations & Party Favors

Picture of a glow in the dark table with a bunch of different colors, cake and glow sticks for a sweet 16

The great thing about a glow party is , there are lots of inexpensive accessories and decorations available that can help really class the event up. Here's a list of some of our favorites:

Once you have considered all the options for your next big event, start laying the groundwork for what supplies and rentals you’ll need. Remember to consider the event space when choosing the amount and quality of the lights, define the tone of your event, allow the music and lights to synchronize, and add decorations and accessories to make your night something your guests will never forget.