Event Lighting Rentals

Select a type of lighting to narrow the results:

Indoor Uplighting - Get the popular "uplighting effect". Awesome for special events and weddings. Make your event shine!

Outdoor Lighting - Light up trees, walkways, outdoor music festivals, buildings, etc

Wireless Uplighting - Battery Powered LED Par cans

Black lights Rentals - For indoor "glow in the dark" parties

Monogram Gobo Projection - Options for custom projection lighting. Light up logos, monograms, video presentations, etc

Big Marquee Letter Lights - Vintage style light up letters or numbers.

Confetti Cannons/Launchers - Bring the party! Safe and simple to operate.

DJ Party Lights - party style, DJ, dance floor lights & moving heads

Pin Spots - Highlight Flowers/Centerpieces, Cakes, etc with pin spots.

Bliss Lights - Cool "Starry Night" Laser Effect!

Stage Lighting - Illuminate stages, highlight performers, create a theatrical effect

Misc Accessories - rent DMX cables, o'clamps, other lighting accessories

Here are all the products we have available to rent. You can sort by any of the column headings to organize them.

Name Colors Outdoor? Rental Price ▲
O Clamp $2.00 Learn More
DMX Cable [15ft] $3.00 Learn More
Projector Stand Mount $9.00 Learn More
Chauvet Pin Spot white $12.00 Learn More
Chauvet Slim Par 56 [white case] RGB $17.00 Learn More
Chauvet Slim Par 56 RGB $17.00 Learn More
UV Black Light UV $19.00 Learn More
Chauvet Slimpar 64 RGBA RGBA $23.00 Learn More
Chauvet Slimpar Hex 3 IRC RGBAW+UV $24.00 Learn More
Chauvet Outdoor SlimPar 56 IRC RGB $27.00 Learn More
Tilting Projector Mount $29.00 Learn More
Chauvet Wireless EZPar 56 RGB $29.00 Learn More
Wireless Par 64 RGBA RGBA $37.00 Learn More
Floral Pattern Lighting Design 1 white $39.00 Learn More
Chauvet Gobo Zoom (Snowflakes) $39.00 Learn More
American DJ Dual Gem Pulse $45.00 Learn More
Mini Mover RGB $45.00 Learn More
Light Stand - 10' $49.00 Learn More
Additional Projector $55.00 Learn More
VividLite Shadowbox RGBW $57.00 Learn More
Odyssey Light Stand With T-Bar $79.00 Learn More
Projector Stand (Complete Kit) $79.00 Learn More
BlissLight Bliss Light BL15 Green Starmaze with Blue Clouds Green Laser with Blue LED $79.00 Learn More
Blisslight Bliss Light BL15 Blue Starmaze with Blue Clouds Blue Laser with Blue LED $79.00 Learn More
Premium Black Light Chauvet EVE P-150 UV UV $89.00 Learn More
Projector Tilting Stand (complete kit) $99.00 Learn More
Epson Image & Video Projector HD Color $119.00 Learn More
Chauvet DJ Confetti Launcher (cannon only) $129.00 Learn More
Chauvet Followspot 120ST RGBW $199.00 Learn More
Marquee Light Up Letters $59.00 Learn More
Marquee Light Up Numbers $59.00 Learn More
Marquee Light Up Characters $59.00 Learn More