Event Lighting Rentals

Select a type of lighting to narrow the results:

Indoor Uplighting - Get the popular "uplighting effect". Awesome for special events and weddings. Make your event shine!

Outdoor Lighting - Light up trees, walkways, outdoor music festivals, buildings, etc

Wireless Uplighting - Battery Powered LED Par cans

Black lights Rentals - For indoor "glow in the dark" parties

Monogram Gobo Projection - Options for custom projection lighting. Light up logos, monograms, video presentations, etc

Big Marquee Letter Lights - Vintage style light up letters or numbers.

Confetti Cannons/Launchers - Bring the party! Safe and simple to operate.

DJ Party Lights - party style, DJ, dance floor lights & moving heads

Pin Spots - Highlight Flowers/Centerpieces, Cakes, etc with pin spots.

Bliss Lights - Cool "Starry Night" Laser Effect!

Stage Lighting - Illuminate stages, highlight performers, create a theatrical effect

Misc Accessories - rent DMX cables, o'clamps, other lighting accessories

Here are all the products we have available to rent. You can sort by any of the column headings to organize them.

Name ▼ Colors Outdoor? Rental Price
Wireless Par 64 RGBA RGBA $37.00 Learn More
Chauvet Wireless EZPar 56 RGB $29.00 Learn More
Tilting Projector Mount $29.00 Learn More
Chauvet Slimpar Hex 3 IRC RGBAW+UV $24.00 Learn More
Chauvet Slimpar 64 RGBA RGBA $23.00 Learn More
Chauvet Slim Par 56 [white case] RGB $17.00 Learn More
Chauvet Slim Par 56 RGB $17.00 Learn More
VividLite Shadowbox RGBW $57.00 Learn More
Projector Tilting Stand (complete kit) $99.00 Learn More
Projector Stand Mount $9.00 Learn More
Projector Stand (Complete Kit) $79.00 Learn More
Premium Black Light Chauvet EVE P-150 UV UV $89.00 Learn More
Chauvet Pin Spot white $12.00 Learn More
Chauvet Outdoor SlimPar 56 IRC RGB $27.00 Learn More
O Clamp $2.00 Learn More
Mini Mover RGB $45.00 Learn More
Odyssey Light Stand With T-Bar $79.00 Learn More
Light Stand - 10' $49.00 Learn More
Epson Image & Video Projector HD Color $119.00 Learn More
Chauvet Gobo Zoom (Snowflakes) $39.00 Learn More
Chauvet Followspot 120ST RGBW $199.00 Learn More
Floral Pattern Lighting Design 1 white $39.00 Learn More
American DJ Dual Gem Pulse $45.00 Learn More
DMX Cable [15ft] $3.00 Learn More
Chauvet DJ Confetti Launcher (cannon only) $129.00 Learn More
BlissLight Bliss Light BL15 Green Starmaze with Blue Clouds Green Laser with Blue LED $79.00 Learn More
Blisslight Bliss Light BL15 Blue Starmaze with Blue Clouds Blue Laser with Blue LED $79.00 Learn More
UV Black Light UV $19.00 Learn More
Additional Projector $55.00 Learn More
Marquee Light Up Letters $59.00 Learn More
Marquee Light Up Numbers $59.00 Learn More
Marquee Light Up Characters $59.00 Learn More